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Established in 2014, CASC is the only engineering company in NI that offers tube laser cutting, sheet metal fibre laser and 5 axis waterjet cutting under one roof, profiling any sheet metal from 0.5mm – 250mm or any sectional material up to 254mm dia.  Our CNC folding and fabricating team have extensive experience of working with a wide range of materials, specialising in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, finished and delivered to your specification.  Collaboration with our dedicated in-house designers provides a full turnkey solution from concept to delivery. 

Fibre laser


CNC folding



Tube laser

Laser profiling sectional material has completely revolutionised product design. From automating simple tasks like through holes, slots and bevel cutting, reducing cost and increasing efficiency – to creating shapes in sectional profiles that were previously not possible.

Our Trumpf Trulaser 7000 enables parts of up to 8m in length and 254mm in diameter to be produced in high volumes with an unrivalled level of consistency. It is also equipped with the latest technology including friction drilling/tapping, seam line detection and part etching to completely remove the need for many secondary processes.

Fibre laser

Sheet metal profiling with fibre lasers for all materials up to 25mm thick and in sheet sizes as large as 4m x 2m.

Using Trumpf latest sheet cutting technology including high speed eco cut and bright line – we are able to produce parts that are not only of the highest cut quality with the smallest margins of tolerance but are also cost effective and delivered on time.

Combining this latest technology with the fully automated Trumpf Liftmaster loading cell, hugely decreases cycle time and reduces part scratching while completely removing manual handling – allowing for round the clock production.

5 Axis water jet

3D Profiling with water allows for high precision cutting without changing the base material properties – this means the material maintains all of its original characteristics and provides the solution for which it was initially intended. A good example of this is Wear plate and hardened metals – cutting these with heat can make the material more brittle and significantly reduce its lifecycle.

A unique feature of our CMS waterjet is the ability to cut 3D shapes in a single process including weld prepping or countersinking in any material,  saving time and unnecessary cost on second processes.


With an extension range of modern tooling and 3 press brakes ranging from 200 – 400tn we are able to create wide range of folds in all metals from 0.5mm to 25mm thickness on 4m folding beds.

We have some of the highest skilled operators as part of our experienced team and are able to produce volume, quality assured parts within even the smallest of tolerances. We are happy to advise on fold radius and material forming capabilities – which can be invaluable input during product design.


We are proud to have a team of professionals boasting over 40 years of experience and knowledge in metal design and fabrication. Working with all metals we have produced manufactured components that are innovative by design and cost efficient for the renewables offshore, automotive, access and safety, materials handling, construction and agricultural industries in markets as far away as Japan and Taiwan.

We have also recently added VALK robotic welding cells to our fabrication capabilities. This latest technology massively increases our ability to produce high volume consistent assemblies at a much lower cost than traditional manufacturing techniques. Available for mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel components

finish and go

Surface finishes we offer are primed, wet paint, powder-coat or galvanised. We can provide a fully finished product, assembled and delivered by our logistics team.

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