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Laser Cutting Northern Ireland 

Trumpf fibre laser

Precision laser cutting services based in Northern Ireland. Our profile laser offers the latest technology for precision cutting, welding and surface processing of all metals. Trumpf are regarded as the market leading manufacturer of precision lasers – a clear choice of partner for CASC. This makes sure that we not only offer the best cut quality available, but do so consistently in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Our capabilities include profile cutting mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass up to 25mm thickness on our 4m x 2m cutting bed.

High process speeds of up to 140m/min are achieved due to the excellent beam quality of the Fibre laser – ideally suited for diverse applications in the field of laser precision cutting and welding, as well as in micro-materials processing and laser marking.

The fibre laser enables us to create slim seams in laser precision welding, and achieve narrow kerfs in laser precision cutting – even with wide working distances.

In thin materials, the high level of irradiance on the workpiece can be converted directly to reduce cutting time and in turn offer savings back to the client.

The incorporation of an automatic pallet changer – maximising efficiency yet again – compliments the unique Trumpf Fibre technology of PierceLine & BrightLine.

Nesting for optimisation

CASC have also invested in best in class with our SigmaNest nesting software to maximise sheet utilisation & laser ‘beam on’ time. We have a wide, diverse client base who require parts of all shapes and sizes which, coupled with our nesting capabilities and forward planning, enables us to greatly reduce material waste. This provides our clients with the ability to complete on a global stage with precision parts delivered on time and within budget.

Our clients include some of the worlds leading manufacturers in markets such as; Offshore renewable energy, Quarrying, Agriculture, Aerospace, Bulk materials handling, Offshore dredging & sub sea cable laying, Construction, Fitout and Facilities Management.

Our staff link all of this together with over 25 years experience in the sheet metal profiling business. This underpins our ability to provide our customers with assured advice throughout the project – from concept to design, through to production and delivery/installation.

Precision guaranteed

Established in the 1920’s, Trumpf is regarded as the market leader in providing precision lasers that guarantee unrivalled quality with even the finest of tolerances.

Automatic blank profile detection offers:

  • High level of process reliability as the exact workpiece position is known
  • Precise processing of blanks, even blanks that have not been laid straight
  • Increased quality of parts thanks to automatic correction of the focal position

Optimum edge quality – Even with thick stainless steel

BrightLine is a cutting system used to process thick steel sheet. Special cutting data and the BrightLine nozzle with adjusted cutting gas flow greatly enhance the quality of cut edges. Compared to standard cuts, optimum results are achieved in terms of surface roughness and perpendicularity of cut edges, especially when processing stainless steel.

– Optimum quality of thick sheet edges owing to lower roughness values

– Lower production tolerances thanks to improved perpendicularity of cut edges

– Increased productivity as there is no need for refinishing work

Marking parts for identification and process control

We also offer full part identification with part etching, part numbers, QR codes, Barcodes or a unique symbol. This has helped our clients improve their after market service to their customers with easier part identification in the field.

We also offer etching services to produce fold lines or part assembly locations – this has proven to be very useful during the manufacturing process, reducing user error and increasing production efficiency and final part consistency.

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