Tube laser

Maximum productivity at reduced cost

At CASC we are committed to increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs with innovative thinking and strategic investment in our capabilities. We are delighted to add Tube laser profiling to our already vast range of unique services.

Our new Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 offers the highest quality profiling of all tube, box section, open channel, angle and extrusion up to a diameter of 254mm. Fully automated cnc processes like friction drilling, tapping and weld prep bevel cutting completely remove the need for secondary manual operations ensuring consistency and precision.

Saving you up to 83% over traditional manufacturing methods. 

Smart manufacturing and collaboration with function-based redesign of your components

CASC are committed to helping our customers produce the highest quality parts at the lowest possible costs. By getting us involved early in your design and properly evaluating your enquiry we can help you to significantly reduce your manufacturing costs utilising this relatively unknown technology. Changing parts from folded sheet metal, removing secondary work processes, reducing waste and removing ancillary products no longer required are key strategies of our design team in helping to achieve this goal.

Bevel cutting technology

up to 45 degrees with an electrically moveable feed-through chuck – excellent for weld prep or seamless assemblies.

CNC drilling / tapping

new technology for friction drilling, tapping and twist drilling – by automating this process you can benefit from reduced costs, parts
handling and chance of errors. Some of the key features of friction drilling include completely replacing rivet nuts, weld nuts and inserts. The chipless process = no waste, high process reliability and thread length several times the material thickness. 

laser tube profiling

254mm chuck diameter

with self centring adaptive clamping system that is continuously monitored to quickly adapt to every tubes geometry ensuring the highest precision parts available.

Inner tube seamline detection

detects weld seams so that profile parts can be orientated to suit their final assembly. 

9.2m Load master

for automatic tube delivery on low-scratch conveyor to process 9.2m raw material length and an impressive 8m part length with a fully flexible part removal station. Multiple parts from standard lengths processed on moveable conveyor tables to reduce manual interface and increase efficiency.


Key industries include:

  • Renewables
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Recycling
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Crushing and screening
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Shop fitting
  • Furniture
  • Gym equipment
  • Material handling

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