CNC folding

Precision CNC folding at CASC

Supplementing our fibre laser and 5 axis waterjet profiling we offer CNC press brake folding, tailored for all materials over our 4 dedicated machines. We have a vast range of punches, Vees, Dies, Hemming and Radius tools, ensuring we can offer a complete end to end, in house service; adding value to any project.

Our operators have over forty years industry experience, ensuring quality and consistency for a smooth transition to our fabrication team. 

Our current machine line-up includes:

– Trumpf TruBend 3170, 4 metre 170T press brake

– Trumpf TruBend 7050, 1.5 metre 50T electric press brake

– Druma 4m x 200T CNC press brake

– Ermaksan 4m x 400T CNC press brake

Our suite of press brakes and highly trained operators ensure a vast variety of projects can be carried out in house, with great accuracy and reliability. 

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