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Precision Waterjet Cutting

CMS 5 Axis Waterjet.

Waterjet cutting Northern Ireland. Unique 3D cutting available of all materials up to 250mm thick including; Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Hardox – toughened metals, Brass, Copper, Titanium, Stone, Composites, Glass, Plastics, Ceramics and many more.

Optimum part utilisation.

A 4m x 2m cutting bed ensures full flexibility in sheet selection and provides the most efficient part nesting, reducing waste and increasing productivity.

A safe working load of 8 ton on the cutting bed allows us to place larger sheets of even the thickest of metals and stones.

A diverse customer base using a wide range of materials ensures that our ability to reduce waste, and therefore parts cost, is maximised.

3D Waterjet Cutting Northern Ireland.  Another unique technology only available at CASC in NI.

Enables countersinking or bevelling of standard or hardened metals through a single cutting process which has proved very popular in the quarry, agricultural and construction sectors. Recent applications include:

–   3D fan cooling propellers from 20mm aluminium

  • Countersinking 80mm thick Hardox in a single process
  • 3D shaping hardox cutting blades
  • Weld prepping 110mm mild steel with chamfer
  • Screw gear cog profiled from 25mm hardened steel
  • 1st process chamfer of 60mm stainless steel to reduce machining time – roughing out – for the offshore energy market
  • Countersinking 6mm brass to accept fixings through a single process for the Fitout industry
  • Chamfer of marble and ceramics shaping for residential kitchen application
  • 110mm mild steel parts for the offshore renewables industry
  • 180mm mild steel sea fastenings for sub sea structures
  • 230mm thick foam for weather seals for the offshore renewables market

Shaping of any material up to 250mm is achievable – this can help to either eliminate 2nd phase operations completely or reduce the time and effort required- even with marbles/stones, ceramic tiles, plastics, composites and  glass.

Cold water profiling eliminates heat input seen with traditional gas cutting, making sure that the material characteristics do not change with zero heat effected zone. Again this reduces the time and effort required during 2nd phase operations and also maximises the efficiency of the parts.

3D design and Consultation.

Available in house with market leading software such as TCAM and Solidworks 3D, meaning we can take you through the process at a comfortable pace if 3D cutting is a new concept to your organisation.

2D profiling. is also possible up to 300mm thick on our 4m x 2m cutting bed, again without limiting the base material.

Long term strategic planning – Our multi year approach to business ensures our strengths rest confidently in our ability to innovate through diversification.

Waterjet Cutting Northern Ireland

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