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Turnkey engineering solutions that makes CASC stand out from the rest.


Smart and agile design service. We take your concept, part or product through the design for manufacture process to produce useable cut, fold and fabrication drawings for our workshop.  With over 40 years’ experience, we can apply value adding design principles, giving a streamlined and efficient process, which ensures cost effectiveness and accuracy for you, the client.


We cut a range of materials, precisely and efficiently using industry leading technology. Our Trumpf fiber laser offers precision on the 4 metre x 2 metre cutting bed at blistering speeds of up to 140m/min. Working alongside the fiber laser, our 5 axis waterjet provides unique 3D cutting of all materials up to 250mm thick. This pairing is unique in Northern Ireland and is an integral part of the turnkey solutions we offer. 

Trumpf Fiber Laser

Our Trumpf fibre laser offers the latest technology for precision cutting of all metals. Trumpf are regarded as the market leading manufacturer of precision lasers – a clear choice of partner for CASC. This makes sure that we not only offer the best cut quality available, but do so consistently in the most cost effective and efficient manner. The excellent beam quality of the Fibre laser is ideally suited for diverse applications, as well as in micro-materials processing and laser marking.

5 Axis Waterjet Cutting

We are the proud owners of Northern Ireland’s only 5 Axis WaterJet.

It provides unique 3D cutting of all materials up to 250mm thick including; mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, toughened metals, brass, copper, titanium, stone, composites, glass, plastics, ceramics and many more.  Cold water profiling eliminates work-hardening seen with traditional gas or plasma cutting, reducing the time and effort required during 2nd phase operations and also maximising the efficiency of the parts.

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Supplementing our fiber laser and 5 axis waterjet, the 3 CNC press brakes can operate up to a maximum of 400T. We have a vast range of punches, Vees, Dies, Hemming and Radius tools ensuring we can offer a complete end to end in house service with our experienced operators having over 30 years industry experience. This seamless integration from cut to fold ensures quality and consistency for a smooth transition to our fabrication team.



Our experienced team of fabricators work on a range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel. As we cut and fold under one roof, it ensures the handover from cut to fold to fabricators is as efficient as possible.

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We offer a range of finishes including priming, painting, powder-coating and galvanisation plating. 

turnkey engineering solutions


We fully assemble and finish, with our experienced logistics team ensuring all parts get to you safely and on time.  


We are here to help. Get in touch with our experienced team to chat more about your next project. 

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