CASC Solar are making Power!!

Things are really brightening up for CASC solar with installs happening across the country and its never been a better time to go solar with CASC for your home, farm or business!

Yet more rising electricity priced make the decision to go solar all the easier and with our Battery storage option you can make use of the power you generate all day and night.


solar solutions uk


Our #teamCASC have been busy installing and with the support form our in house Engineering Department we have delivered bespoke mounting systems to our customers.  Tailoring to our customers specific needs is what we do best so that they can get the best from their Solar installation.

Save money right now and make the most of the new 0% VAT rating for the entire CASC Solar PV system!! This reduced VAT rate may not be her for long so make the jump now and go solar!

Check out this recently fitted 4kWpk domestic system where our customer saw their monthly electricity bill reduce by 60%!


solar installation uk

If you would like to hear more about the solar soltions CASC can offer, give us a call and chat to our experts. 

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