Dencam Vestas collaboration – a walkway to success

Vestas turbine blade mould walkway

CASC have recently collaborated with Dencam Composites, a specialised Danish mould manufacturing company, in the design, manufacture, and site installation of a wind turbine blade mould walkway for leading global OEM Vestas, in their new purpose-built facility in Taranto, Southern Italy.

The Vestas V236-15.0MW is their latest turbine in offshore wind and boasts an impressive blade length of 115.5m which is currently the largest on the market. When operational this turbine has capacity to produce 80GWh/yr of electricity.  CASC have worked closely with Dencam to ensure that their bespoke rotating blade mould has a walkway that follows the contours and shape of the mould whilst permitting the blade manufacturing team to transverse easily along the entire platform. The entire unit has also been designed to take the full load of the bespoke machinery, weighing in at over 8ton per unit! That is essential in the successful manufacturing of these huge blades!

CASC dencam vestas
CASC vestas dencam

The complete design was tailored specifically to best suit our in-house engineering capabilities. This included the use of our tube laser to fully automate the profiling of all sectional material up to 254mm diameter and turntable jigs to allow for precise and effective fabrication at our dedicated facility in plant 3. The main walkway consists of a modular platform structure with support uprights of varying heights from 1.6m to 4.2m, resulting in the required curvature to follow the mould path and maintain a working height with a tolerance of only 50mm over almost 400 linear meters. As a result, the full system consists of 229 unique platforms that make up the entire perimeter walkway structure. The design also incorporates personnel safe access and egress along the structure as well as safe loading bays with CASC unique loading gates, ensuring effective production when in use.

From the initial design in June 2023 to the successful completion of seven different walkway platforms to date, we have cut, manufactured, shipped, and installed over 1300 tonnes of steel fabrications and over 100 linear meters of aluminium walkway, with a strong pipeline of future walkways and associated components for the mould system and hinges to follow.  We ensure that all our designs consider each of our clients operational and location specific demands. We are renowned for modular concepts that utilises state of the art automated manufacturing techniques, working with all material types, that make sure manufacturing in Northern Ireland and shipping to Italy, Japan, Korea, USA or anywhere else in the world makes commercial and practical sense.


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